Virtual training packages

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Advertising training package
  • Introducing all kinds of ads
  • How to sell ads
  • Advertising for different
  • businesses
  • How to spend on advertising

Graphic design training package

  • Step-by-step tutorial for Photoshop
  • Specialized logo design, logo typing
  • Introducing all kinds of posters and design training
  • Catalog and brochure design
  • Design Office

Instagram Virtual Training Package

  • The latest algorithms and tricks available
  • Complete page security training
  • Ways to make money from Instagram
  • Increase real followers
  • How to increase your traffic
  • Professional content production training

بسته آموزشی دیجیتال مارکتینگ

  • Finding Ideas For Starting An Internet Business
  • Important points in setting up a corporate and store site
    e-mail marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (LinkedIn – Instagram – Telegram)
  • Digital content production
  • Online advertising
  • Video marketing